Home Selling Process

1 Step One — Find an Agent

Your home or property has served you well over these last years, but now it’s time to part ways and put it on the market.  The very first step is to find an agent that can sell your property and work with your individual needs. Start by researching and interviewing a couple of potential brokers.  What makes the broker unique and why should they sell your home? Are they knowledgeable about your home’s location and the neighborhood? Do they have the character and professionalism you desire in an agent?

Find an Agent
2 Step Two — Market Your Home

Now that you have the perfect agent, it’s time to finalize the preparations and put your home on the market.  You’ll want to remove clutter and clean the property so the home shows well. Your broker will then set up a time for a professional photographer to come in and capture the character of the house.  It will be important to review any pertinent details about your home, complete relevant contracts, and discuss any special showing accommodations you might have with your broker.  Your agent is also a great resource if you need any home repairs or touch-ups prior to going live on the market, such as finding an exterior painter or handyman.  Once the pre-listing details are completed, your property will be listed on the open market and potential buyers will set up showings.

Market Your Home
3 Step Three — Make the Deal

A buyer decides your property is the perfect place for him or her and submits an offer.  Now what? Your agent will help you sort through any offers you receive and point out relevant details. They’ll help you decide which offer is best and negotiate terms that work for you. An agent will also talk to the buyer’s lender, if relevant, to avoid any surprises later on in the transaction.  

Make the Deal
5 Step Five — Complete the Closing

At last!  You’ve completed all the dates and deadlines, and showings are a thing of the past.  You’re at the closing table and reviewing all the final documentation.  Your closer will transfer the title, create the lender’s lien (the mortgage) and transfer the final funds into your account.  Don’t forget, your agent doesn’t leave you here to fend for yourself through the next steps – they’re always available for home related questions such as finding a moving company, relocation assistance to another area, or supplying vendor names for home repairs or renovations.  

Complete the Closing

Market Snapshot

Market Snapshot

We all want to know what’s going on in our neighborhoods or neighborhoods we might be buying in soon. Are things selling quickly, are they sold over or under list price, and are the values appreciating? Our market snapshots are interactive reports that keep you up-to-date on active listings, under contract and sold properties based on a specific address and comparable criteria.  Prefer a more personalized analysis? We’d be happy to create a professional, comparative market analysis prepared by a licensed agent at any time. Contact us today.

Create a Market Snapshot

Five Reasons a Property Sells

1 Reason One — Location

Where your home is located is key to determining its value, and is the one factor that sellers can’t control.  Does the community offer what a prospective buyer is looking for in terms of schools, employment opportunities, shopping, churches, etc?  Does it back to trails and open space, or a busy street? Does it provide an easy commute for a buyer or have the perfect view? Every buyer has a different preference to the nearby amenities and overall atmosphere, and it’s a key factor in determining where a buyer ultimately purchases.

2 Reason Two — Price

Pricing a home competitively from the start is critical to attracting buyers.  An expereinced agent will take into consideration the current market conditions, location, condition of the home and other key factors to determine the best starting price.  As interest in a listing decreases the longer it’s been on the market, it’s best to carefully consider what price you’ll accept from the beginning.

3 Reason Three — Terms

Every seller has specific needs in regards to a property sale.  You’ll have to decide what issues you are open to negotiating and where you want or need to stand firm.  The more flexibility you offer, the more options and negotiation power you’ll potentially have when considering a contract.

4 Reason Four — The Condition

A clean, clutter free home with just the right amount of furnishings and design elements sells best.  As you look around your home, determine what will attract a buyer’s interest and what will discourage them.  Remember, buyers want a place they can make their own home, so a lot of personalized décor can be a turn off.  If you’re unsure, talk to your agent – they have great ideas and, as they show a lot of properties to a lot of clients, they can give you an insiders scoop on buyer opinions.   This is also the time to consider if you need to stage the home or spruce up any particular aspect to secure a better price.

The Condition
5 Reason Five — Agent

Are you working with a knowledgeable, full-time, active agent who really knows your home’s unique location?  Every market is different, and finding an agent who understands the current market demands will be the key to successfully selling your home.  He or she will be able to help navigate which home improvements to complete or what price point will be best. Having an agent accessible at all the right moments is also important.  Your broker should be an active partner in the deal, removing a good deal of stress and anxiety by ensuring everything is completed in a timely manner.



Moving Out of the Area

Moving Out of the Area

Has Colorado been your home or investment property location for a while, and now it’s time to move to a new area?  We can help! With our full time relocation department and our Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® and Luxury Portfolio® partnerships, we have connections literally across the globe.  From connecting you with a trusted broker in another area, to advising you on moving companies and selling a home while you’re out-of-state, we have you covered and can assist with every step of the process.  

Relocation Services

Find the Right Broker

Find the Right Broker

Finding the right agent is absolutely key to your successful and positive home selling experience. Start by asking your trusted friends or family who they used for a transaction and find out if they recommend that broker.  Ask them questions about their experience to help determine what’s important to you with your own broker choice.  It’s advisable to interview several candidates so you can compare their value proposition and communication styles. You’ll likely be spending a lot of time with your broker, so make sure it’s someone you can see yourself conversing with for the long term.  In addition to looking for someone with experience and knowledge of your home’s unique location and characteristics, it’s also important to discuss how they conduct business and what services they provide.

Find a Broker

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